Hello and welcome to my website. ImageRefresh was founded on the idea that the consumer market, particularly home users and SOHO (small office/home office) could benefit from customer service that is normally reserved for business clientele or that is virtually non-existent when purchasing off the internet. Retail outlets often lack the expertise to guide the consumer in evaluating which products, services and practices that will satisfy an array of goals that they may have. Goals such as: short and long term impact on the pocketbook, print quality and sustainability and environmental concerns, to name a few.

My primary goal is to provide education to the consumer so you are able to make informed decisions whether you purchase from ImageRefresh or choose another partner. A second goal, equally as important as the first, is to provide a level of customer service that has largely disappeared over the last couple of decades. Outstanding customer service can be obtained with ease of accessibility and personal contact. A third goal is provide you, the consumer, with exceptional quality product and services that will not drain your wallet. I hope that in return, with you being completely satisfied with your experience with us, you will become a long-time supporter.