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You will always receive the lower of the prices and will not have to ask for it. We do the comparison shopping for you. We will also offer advice on which variations of your model would provide you the best value and cost per page.

Hello and welcome to my website. ImageRefresh was founded on the idea that the consumer market, particularly home users and SOHO (small office/home office) could benefit from customer service that is normally reserved for business clientele or that is virtually non-existent when purchasing off the internet. Retail outlets often lack the expertise to guide the consumer in evaluating which products, services and practices that will satisfy an array of goals that they may have. Goals such as: short and long term impact on the pocketbook, print quality and sustainability and environmental concerns, to name a few.

My primary goal is to provide education to the consumer so you are able to make informed decisions whether you purchase from ImageRefresh or choose another partner. A second goal, equally as important as the first, is to provide a level of customer service that has largely disappeared over the last couple of decades. Outstanding customer service can be obtained with ease of accessibility and personal contact. A third goal is provide you, the consumer, with exceptional quality product and services that will not drain your wallet. I hope that in return, with you being completely satisfied with your experience with us, you will become a long-time supporter.

My name is Gene Seale, founder and owner of ImageRefresh. Ever since my first job: a newspaper delivery boy on a bicycle in my youth, I have practiced customer service excellence by exceeding standards expected by my customers, internal and external alike. I have worked in management positions in small IT related businesses for a number of years. Even though my responsibilities were to the bottom line, I never ceased in being the customers’ advocate, often at times where internal conflicts arose between corporate policy and the monetary goals of the company versus what was advantageous to the customer.

I participated in the advent of third party service providers where we departed from a one-size fits all OEM service market only. With the deviation from the business practices of previous years, recycling of computers and related items came into being. It was profitable to re-condition the used gear and resell it to customers with substantial savings to them. The business of reselling used hardware also kept scrap out of land-fills.

In the last decade, I transitioned from mainly selling and supplying servers and storage to providing printers and supplies, repair services and MPS. Managed Print Services’ main goal is to reduce the cost of printing and it is not extremely profitable to the service provider. Costs must be monitored and tightly controlled. With labor being the largest expense to a company, dispatching representatives on repeat calls and replacement of defective product will destroy any profits as well as damage reputation. At my most recent company, we extensively vetted our suppliers and their products to minimize erosion of the bottom line. The results of these efforts were high quality products and services and consequently, a profitable venture where many in the MPS industry struggle with making a profit.

As with my competitors and colleagues, I am building a “brand”.  The difference is that most go to some effort to minimize or eliminate packaging and marketing references to their suppliers in order to build their brand, where I will not. My suppliers and their reputations are instrumental in my success. I am promoting them by being transparent. There is no customized packaging except for my re-order information on a label. Sales literature developed by the suppliers will be used. My customers are encouraged to visit the suppliers’ websites to validate that these partners are indeed, “cream of the crop”.

I am fortunate to have the opportunity to launch a business of my own. I will continue to offer the customer service that I believe every client deserves; without corporate distractions and conflicts. With the knowledge, the skills and the relationships with suppliers that I have developed along the way and working hard, I expect to meet your goals while experiencing the enjoyment of sharing these products and services.

I am very excited about the venture and enthusiastically look forward to building a relationship with you. Thank you for visiting my website.  Our service area includes all of Atlanta, including Gwinnett, Lawrenceville, Duluth GA, Suwanee, and Buford GA, providing only the finest remanufactured toner cartridges for your business.

Most appreciatively,

Eugene “Gene” Seale